What can I help you with?

  • Examples what can I help you with:

    • Fear, phobia
    • Health matters (various health matter, also as a support during the recovery)
    • Stress, depression
    • Relationship matter (life-partner, friendship i work, also for those who have difficulties to find a life-partner)
    • Dependence, overweight
    • Work matters (finance, failure/success, beginning in the business)
    • Children matter
    • Low self-confidence
    • Low ability of acceptance of changes or other progress and fears related to this.
    • Efficiency  (procrastination, learning...)
    • Pregnancy and maternal matter
    • Counseling for Star children (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond)
    • stuck up in the life, motivation, understanding the life


    First I discuss the problem with the client and search for the root of the problem and focus on every separate part of it. Following we work together on the matter and we point methods how you can work on it and yourself at home. First of all it´s you who can solve your problem.