Ho´oponopono is an Hawaiian method of unblocking and deleting negative programs, figures that are saved in your subconsciousness. Please, note that also problems those apparently don´t relate with us but evoke negative emotions in us, are in fact also our problems. This negativity can appear in our lives as health problems, relationship problems, various negative situations and life problems. Ho´oponopono is getting us into the „zero-state“ (a state without judging, inner chatter…) where we are separated from the past so that we can influence our presence. So powerful you are!

If we manage to change the negative energy into the positive one, we stand in front of something new and amazing. Actually „the world is what you think it is.“ Yes, you have the power to knowingly influence your live and by that also the life of the whole world. Everything what happens in your life (both positive and negative), every person you meet, everything that happens in the world, yes, that all is created and attracted by you. But you always have the possibility and power to change your life. The basic is to change your way of thinking, this means the energy you are broadcasting. And Ho ´oponopono can help us with it. Thank to the mandras it clears the negative patterns and thoughts in our subconsiousness which attracts us the adequate situations.

The principle of this method  is to release yourself from the past, returning to the „zero state“ when your mind is clear and the harmony and abundance can flow to you.  Ho´oponopono uses those following mantras for clearing:

„I´m sorry.“ „Please, forgive me.“ „I thank you.“ „I love you.“

This is not the only one cleaning method in Ho´oponopono. I teach also other technics that you can use at home. The representatives of Ho´oponopono are Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Morrah Nalamaku Simeona, teacher a Mistress Ho´oponopono.

It is a very effective method when during the therapy I seach together with the client the cause of the problem and we heal it together. You need to work also at home for healing the problem, anytime you mention it. It is very easy and fine to combine Ho´oponopono with other spiritual methods.