God´s seal

The Seal of the God is a light and loving energy that oscillate in the 12th dimension. This energy doesn´t contain any symbols. It is a flow of the clear God´s energy and basic is to give yourself to this energy. While working with The Seal of the God we fill ourselves with the energy and then we spread it through our body. We don´t use any aim while working with The Seal of God. This energy can be used for healing of any situation or someone else, too. For some people it might be a bit difficult to give yourself to Universe and let the energy work without your mind. However, then there are very nice suprises. We work with heart while working with The Seal of the God. This energy comes from the most clean surce, helps with development, transformes the Darkness into the Light.
How the energies work and how you can deal with them, you will find out in my article about energies in my blog.
I use The Seal of God also in individual therapies.
It might be also “a degustation” if you consider the initiation.
1. level is User: for healing
2. level is Master. For initiation of others.
The initiation workshop lasts from 11:00 to 16:00. Beside the initiation itself you will also learn more about this energy and you will be given the written materials.
The price of the initiation can be found in the price list, dates in the schedule of workshops. For those who can´t meet me personally, the far-distant initiation is possible.