Far distant counseling

The far distant counseling is suitable for everyone who cannot meet me personally, ig. also for people from other countries (for now the communication is only in English but soon also in other languages).

The first contact will be via email where I will found out more about your problem or situation and we will make an arrangement for Skype consultation. The Skype consultation takes 90 mins. For far distant counseling you can have also 10 mins of energetic therapy (Shamballa 1024/Ra Sheeba).

What do I need from you? Your name, date of birth and an accurate description of your problem.

The price of 90 mins counseling via Skype and 10 mins energetic therapy is 500,- CZK. If you want to have another 90 mins counseling via Skype for your problem, the price is 400,- CZK. It is possible to make the mediation via Skype.

If you are interested in energy Ra-Sheeba, Shamballa 1024 or God´s Seal, so the far-distant initiation is possible as well. 

You can write me on my email kamila@terapie-kamila.cz or Skype "kamzoub81". I´m looking forward to you.