Counseling for Star children

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children – those names are no more unknow today, although the most known are Indigo children. Together, Indigo (today many of them are already adults), Crystal and Rainbow children, are called Star children. The reason is their roots come from different parts of the Universe. All of those children have a task on Earth, i.e. break down the old and non-functional system, incl. Dogmas, unnatural traditions, negative way of thinking and to establish a new functional system based on Love and Peace. This is only a brief description of their task but in fact, their task is much more larger. Star children don´t influence only an individual or a family but also the whole planet.

Unfortunatelly many of those children still are being misunderstood and they don´t get the support that they need so much. From parents´ side it is because many parents don´t know how to deal with their children. The old and non-functional school system and government tables often classify children as problematic, hyperactive, non-communicable etc. Mainly Indigo children have a problem with this “classification”. They are headstrong fighters of Light and don´t let others to influence them, i.e. less vulnerable. On the other side, Crystal and Rainbow children are calmer but also more vulnerable.

Star children require and need a different (healthier) life style, different approach of their family and also the neighborhood. They need different activities. They need a hinterland and a support so that they can fulfil their task. Star children are not a rarity, today there are more and more of them.

I was lucky that already in my childhood my parents recognised quickly that I need something else than other children. And till my adulthood they were giving me (and still are) the support that I needed for my progress and my task. As Indigo child, I know what stresses are Star children often experiencing. But not only children, also parents very often don´t know how to deal with their child, how to help. Therefore I offer the counseling to Star children and also their parents and to adult Indigo children. Children choose their parents and at least one person in their family is able to understand them. Therefore we all are working on the new system on Earth.

The aim of the counseling is to help children to release their fears, help them to understand some situations and life, improve their talents, and also provide advices to parents how to deal with their children, how they can be helpful in various situations. It is an active approach of parents to their children. I also help directly to Star children, both little ones and adult ones. I also offer the counseling to teachers and tutors who work with Star (and not only Star) children.