Chakra´s therapy

Chakra therapy is a passive and partly also aktive therapy. Mostly it´s the therapist (me) who is working but the clients is working a bit, too. It is mainly about the relaxation during which I harmonize the chakras, energetic channels and aura. Most of you know that chakras are the energetic centres in our body and also outside of our body and they are connected with energetic channels – meridians. Each chakra has its own function which influnces our physical body, health, psyche, perception and also behaving. The state of chakras changes every day, every moment according to how we feel and our health.
This therapy is not only about “opening” chakras. Also it is not the aim to work on a certain problem. The aim of the therapy is to harmonize chakras so that they are oppropriately functional. Chakras of every human open so much as the person is able to bear and to be pleasant for him or her. This harmony made by me is not permanent because each of us influences our own chakras every moment but can help you influence the actual happening around you and will make you psychically and physically feel better. Beside that you will learn who to work on your chakras also at home.
Don´ t expect that the chakra therapy will bring you the improvement within a day in a certain part of your life. Let yourself be suprised and try to work with chakras also at home. It is mainly a healing and an empowering relaxation during which we don´t talk much but we can sing mantras. At the beginning and at the end there is a short discuss with the client. After the therapy you can (or also maybe not) experience and self-cleaning physical of psychical process which usually lasts for a day or two. It is mostly happening in cases when the charkas are blocked by a lot of “the psychical dirt”.
During this therapy I use Tibetan bowls, Tibetan cymbals, mantras, angelic energies, gemstones, or also simple meditations. When the clients wants to work more actively in this therapy so we use the Violet Flame or Ho´oponopono.