Angel therapy

The angel therapy is about the communication with angels, archangels and Ascended Master. Angels offer their help and solutions to heal relationship, work and financial situation, health, life course, psychic problems...

I also offer the angel cards and tarot cards reading as a part of angel therapy. It is a way how celestian beings give their advices for each problem and offer steps for a solution. Those cards don´t answer questions like: “What will happen?” but questions like: “How shall I go on to solve...?” “What shall I focus on next days?” “What shall I do to ...?” etc. The more certain the question is, the more certain the answer is. Please note that you need to ask question regarding yourself, not regarding other people, ie. “What shall my friend to do to..?” Firstly, you are reaching in their own energy and life without their permission, secondly if you want to help others, you should help youself first.

I also actively involve the client in the meditation and work with celestian beings on a certain problem. That is a way how you can learn working with angels and work with them also at home. Additionally I use the work with Violet Flame, Energetic therapy and Ho´oponopono with Angel therapy, too.


I provide also other advices sent by others ways (clairvoyance..). Every therapy is different and I try to help you to feel the energy of angels. When you notice their “tangible” presence, the more easier will be for you to accept their help in your life. You always have helpers, you are never alone.

Celestian being will provide you advices how to work on a certain problem, who to ask for a help, what steps you should do. It is important to remember that the current momen – here and now – influences your future. That´s why the cards give advices for the following actual steps. What is valid now, doesn´t have to be valid in a month.

For celestian beings there´s no problem too big to not to know how to solve it and too small for being considered as a petty problem.

You will learn how to ask celestian being for their help, notice and accept their help. Angels can help us in every all parts of our lives. We only need to ask them for their help and accept it. Angels are everywhere around us and guardian angels are always with us. Every Archangel or Ascended Master is focused on a certain part of the life and they love to help anybody who asks for that. Be sure that celestian beings always provide good advices and also respect our free will. They never judge us and always love us unconditionally.

Celestian beings are here for you and ready to fulfill your wishes, from usual petty wishes to help in various life situations, work, relationship and big life dreams. The only thing you need to do is to ask for their help and accept their help. And when you don´t notice their help for the first time, the work is certainly not done for them. They will send you their signs unless you accept their help. They will also look forward to the other task that you give them. Celestian beings are not limited by time or space and therefore one being can be with several people at the same time. You don´t need to fear that you would be denied or disturb them in their other work.

From my own experience I can confirm that my everyday life is much easier with the Universal help and much more fun. No matter if it goes about easy “order” of a parking place or solving a difficult life situation. The more you will be open to the Universe, the more your life will be easier because very often the advices from Universe and higher dimensions are offered to us in our thoughts and ideas. It is only up to you if you will follow them.