Affirmation therapy

The aim of affirmation therapy is to help you to change your way of thinking and feeling to the positive which enables you to attract what you want. Your aim may be for example increasing your self-confidence, releasing yourself from your past, improving relationship, attracting your dream work and success, motivate yourself, etc...

I discuss with the client the topic and we create together the affirmations. We focus on the result and aimed feelings those you will have when you achieve your goal. It is important that you manage to identify yourself with the affirmations. Therefore, the affirmations are made individually, according to the needs of the client.

Affirmations are positive sayings made in the present time. The affirmations are made that way so that client has a feeling like he already has achieved his goal and is enjoying it.

Before we create the affirmations so I will ask you coaching questions to better identify your positive and negative feelings about your goal. The negative ones will be changed for positive ones. The human´s brain is programmable and this is an easy way. With regular and frequent repeating of affirmations you will more easily change your way of thinking and feeling about your goal. Those are the two important pillars to the success. This pleasant feeling will be a driving engine for you so that you easily make other steps to your goal and also beat the procrastination.

For using the affirmation as much as possible I will adapt them written in PDF and also as a sound in MP3. Both files will be sent to you by email. You can download the MP3 file to your USB flash or CD and listen to them when you are driving, traveling, relaxing, cooking and anytime you know that you will not be disturbed and you will concentrate. The advantage of sound affirmations is that you don´t have to remember those affirmations. You only repeat what you hear and it helps you to focus more on your feelings.

You attract what you think and feel.

It is possible to provide the affirmation therapy also via email. Affirmations will be done in English (alternatively also in German or Spanish, future also in Arabic).

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