About me

My name is Kamila and I was born as Libra in 1981. I´m a typical Libra (but I´ve already learned to make quick decisions) and I born to this life an Indigo child. I love improving myself and I learn to love everything the Universe sends me into my life.

What is my aim?

My aim is to help you to experience joy in your life and show you how you can improve your life and reach for your dreams. Every satisfied human can help to improve lives of other people, too. Together we can create a joyful and loving energetic field that touches also other people. 

What therapies do I offer?

Angelic therapie - working with angel´s energies, Tarot and Angels card laying, meditations

Energetic therapy - Shamballa 1024, Ra Sheeba, Boží Pečeť, therapy and initiation

EFT - psychoterapeutic technics using tapping on energetic ways (meridian lines) 


Affirmation therapy - using affirmations for a certain topic and recording them to MP3 for your use

Star children - counsultancy for New-Age children, how to understand them and their needs, how to support them.

Chakra therapy - harmonization of chakras, relaxation, releasing blocks

Foreign Languages differently - an alternative support for study of foreign languages so that this study is easy and a fun for you.


Far-distant therapy - via Skype. Suitable for those who cannot meet me personally, ig. also for people from other countries (for now the communication is only in English but soon also in other languages).

I also use hawaiian technics Ho´oponopono, couching, tarot cards (I don´t predict the future. I use Tarot for searching ways and solutions). Neither me nor Tarot can make a decision instead of you. It´s your turn. You can influence your life to a certain extent.

I combine all therapies according to the wishes and needs of clients and their currect situation.

What are my experiences?

I´m devoted to the spirituality since my childhood. In the adulthood I´ve passed through many courses and workshops. The best teacher is my life when I used everything what I have learned so far. I want to teach you to understand your life and how you can influence it and reach for your dreams. 

How can I help you? 

First of all you are the therapist because you´ve made the decision to work on yourself and understand your situations (health, relationship problems, work problems, psychic problems and so on..). I help you to understand and find a solution for your life situations, problems. Our energy (incl. emotions and thoughts) create our life situations. Our past experiences and memories create our presence. I can help you to find the root of your situation and find a solutions. However, it´s you who has to make a decision. Neither me nor anyone else can make it instead of you. I´ll be gladly your light on your road, offering my advice, support, comfort. 

With love,














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